Even many Japanese people have never visited Hiroshima.
And also many people from Hiroshima haven’t visited the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum.
We want everybody to learn about what happened in Hiroshima in 1945. Now, Hiroshima has been completely reborn and is an energetic city. Hiroshima is a center of Peace in the world. Please come to Arigato and see how we have overcome tragedy and grown in to a city full of love and hospitality.

Easily accessible!

[From Hiroshima station]
It takes about 25 minutes by bus or tram without any transfers.
[From the center of the city]
It takes about 10 minutes by bus or tram without any transfers.
★It takes only one minute to walk to a convenience store!


Good for sightseeing and shopping!

[Peace Memorial Park]
It takes about 15 minutes by bus.

[Mega Don Quijote Ujina branch]
It takes about 10 minutes by bus.


A Good Night’s Sleep

Every bed has a thick mattress.
You can sleep well surrounded by the warmth of the wooden bedframes and tatami mats.


A Place of Connection

You can chat with friends in the living room and cook in the shared kitchen.
There is the place for many encounters and smiles.